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International Business Development & Marketing

Management consulting

You want to get an overview of the markets and possibilities. We offer verified information to and from the Asian market. Furthermore, you would like to be sure that a continuous support is possible:

  • Right strategy for export
  • Unterstand the market
  • Activate partnership
  • Real solutions
  • Change Management
  • After sale support

Personal power

You want to accelerate the development of the Asian market and are looking for a competent employee. We offer the service to help you overcome cultural and language-related difficulties at reasonable costs:

  • Use existing personal contacts and networks
  • Mediation of new contacts
  • Acquisition of interesting and lucrative businesses
  • Support
  • Representation
  • Reporting

Interim Management

You want to sell your products or services without your own employees in the field. This is a flexible model with full cost control:

  • Concepts (Businessplan) with target groups and sales plan
  • Confidence relationship
  • Advertising activities: create presentation material (if not available), advertising videos, displays, brochures, advertisements
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions visit and organize
  • Search for suitable exhibition areas for product presentation
  • Support for product development or customization for the relevant market
  • Presentation of offers
  • Supervision and reporting

Search sales partners

You are looking for a suitable sales partner, distributor or sales representative. Established sales partners with sound market knowledge are a decisive success factor in the development of a new market. We offer the best possible security when choosing the right Partner:

  • Acquisition of sales partners and distributors with the aim of selecting the right business partner
  • Support for contract negotiations
  • Continuous sales and marketing activities
  • Support through intercultural seminars with the aim of working more efficiently with the business partner


You want to set up a branch office or a subsidiary. A business location abroad has an imagery effect and helps to overcome language problems and cultural peculiarities. This makes it easier for new customers to be won and existing customers to be tied in the long term. A branch also means other advantages in the Business:

  • Business address
  • Advice and support for the establishment and development of sales companies
  • Consulting and support for company foundations, branch offices, service centers, production sites, production outsourcing, personnel search
  • Outsourcing of your entire front and backoffice area
  • Outsourcing warehousing and logistics
  • Supervision and reporting


You want to expand or outsource your products or services without tying your own employees. Quality and delivery criteria must be met safely. We offer the possibility to find the right suppliers and reduce the risk to a minimum without losing the cost overview:

  • Selection of the right supplier
  • Quality contro
  • Monitoring delivery agreements and agreed standards
  • Support for negotiation and implementation of the agreements 




Do you want to buy companies or sell your own company. In the case of succession regulations or changes in the existing market, it makes sense to enter into cooperative ventures, mergers or joint ventures. We offer the best conditions for this because of our networks. Discretion is our highest priority:

  • 30 years experience
  • Best contacts with strategic investors
  • Practical and uncomplicated implementation