International Consulting & Partners


Economic and strategic consideration

  • Is it your intention to continue your business and production with the appropriate products and services? However, you want to avoid costly investments in new products because you are afraid of the risk, then it is time to look for efficient and cost-effective strategies. Proven and high-quality products can be sold to the recordable growth market of the future - in the Far East. Here, German value work and the term "made in Germany" are still highly appreciated and acknowledged. There is sufficient capital to purchase products in the upper price segment. Earned capital is invested in wealth goods - with an increasing tendency. Extensive infrastructure measures must also be taken from the construction boom and industrialization. The healthcare sector is being significantly expanded.

  • However, many small and medium-sized companies shy away from access to the Far East for lack of knowledge of the market, language and cultural characteristics. In addition, the day-to-day business takes too much time to find sufficient time to deal intensively with opening up the market, foreign cultures and languages. However, some companies have the ambitious goal of dealing more intensively with the Asian growth market. Frequently, the economic metropolises are visited, but they are quickly determined that a competent contact person is compulsory on site.

  • International Consulting & Partners offers especially small and medium-sized companies the ideal platform at reasonable costs to gain access to the markets. We are able to meet the needs with clearly defined tasks and performance packages as well as customer-specific solutions
  • With its partners, International Consulting & Partners has excellent personal contacts in politics, business and the most important decision-makers. With our support, our customers have consistently first-class, verified information to and from the market. This gives us the reliable and reliable access to the successful business.
  • The Philippines and other tiger states are nations that are at the beginning of industrialization according to Western standards. The standard of living and prosperity are increasing steadily
  • Every year thousands of construction projects are realized and construction boom has a gigantic extent without an end.